Upcoming Events

Alabama Underpass Lighting Project

10th Street Opens!

10th Street is back open once again.  We have met with the project managers and contractors in order to address some of our quality concerns. 

Current Donations from St. Joe Residents and Businesses

Fundraising still in process.  We raised $1,000 in 2016.

HUNI Participation


The St. Joe Board has teamed up with the Old Northside Board to support a LED lighting project at the Alabama Street Underpass that connects our two neighborhoods.  The designers have secured a generous grant that covers almost half the cost of the project with the help of the Harrison Center.  The St. Joe and Old Northside Foundations have each pledged $2,000 and are actively seeking funds to bridge the gap in order to get the project underway.  Our combined goal is to raise the remaining $5,000 to fund the project.

We support this project because it will add the safety of the area at night and complement the existing mural to serve as a main gateway to our neighborhood.  The LED lighting used in the project is expected to last 25 years.  Contributions made are eligible for charitable donation deductions under IRC Section 501(c)(3).  Donations can be made to the St. Joseph Historic Neighborhood Foundation.  For questions and further information related to the project, please contact Pete Haupers at haupers3@gmail.com.

We ask that you, St. Joe residents and businesses, consider supporting the project along with us!

Information about upcoming events is also listed in the St. Joe Press section of the Urban Times and through neighborhood eBlasts. [Updated 3/23/17]

The Neighborhood

  • Please send in your 2017 Membership dues.  $10 Family Memberships / $25 Business Memberships.
  • Neighborhood Cleanup is on Saturday, April 8th at 9AM meeting at 10th & Alabama.
  • Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday, April 11th, at 6:30PM.  Meeting will be held at the Indy Central Library, Goodrick Houk Room (main level).

Saint Joseph was designated a historic district in 1991.  The Saint Joseph Historic Neighborhood Foundation (SJHNF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, was established in 2002 to facilitate fundraising for neighborhood improvement projects.  Our focus is the improvement of our neighborhood for present and future residents and it's contribution to the greater downtown Indianapolis community.

The SJHNF board is comprised of volunteer members of the Saint Joseph Historic neighborhood Association (SJHNA) Board of Directors.

Our neighborhood participates in HUNI (Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis).  HUNI advocates on behalf of Historic Neighborhoods such as ours.  

They have a wealth of resources, please visit HUNIIndy.com

Join us, and contribute to making St. Joseph a wonderful place to call home.  Individual / Family Memberships are $10 and Business Memberships are $25.