Neighborhood History

Board Members


  • Work closely with our IMPD Community Public Relations Officer to increase safety - ONGOING
  • Support our local St. Joseph businesses - ONGOING
  • Online & Social Media presence for St. Joseph - IN PROGRESS
  • New St. Joseph Historic District signage (logo redesign and banners on main streets) - DONE!
  • Creation of committees for reoccurring and special projects in the neighborhood - DONE!
  • Monitor new neighborhood developments - ONGOING
  • ​Reduce trash and litter throughout the neighborhood by periodic volunteer cleanups - YUP!
  • ​Address concerns over limited street parking in some areas of our neighborhood
  • Host more community events to get residents together - ONGOING
  • Mark Godley, President
  • Mark Sprout, Vice President
  • Jan Good, Treasurer
  • Ben Langebartels, Architectural Review
  • Ben Csikos, Member-at-Large

  • Eric Hannon, Member-at-Large

  • Mindy McCutchan, Member-at-Large

  • Garry Chilluffo, Consultant
  • ​Robin Kelley, Indy Public Library
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St. Joseph was designated a historic district in 1991. The St. Joseph Historic Neighborhood Foundation (SJHNF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, was established in 2002 to facilitate fundraising for neighborhood improvement projects.  Our focus is the improvement of our neighborhood for present and future residents and its contribution to the greater downtown Indianapolis community. The SJHNF board is comprised of volunteer members of the Saint Joseph Historic Neighborhood Association (SJHNA) Board of Directors.

The St. Joseph Historic Neighborhood is a historic district in downtown Indianapolis, bounded by Interstate I-65, Central Ave., Ft. Wayne Ave. and Pennsylvania St. It was designated a historic district in 1991. Its architectural history spans the city's growth and development during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, from the Civil War to present day. Historically, the area was developed just beyond the Mile Square (the business district) and was of a transitional nature for the residential neighborhoods to the north, incorporating an eclectic mix of businesses and residential. It was not uncommon for the proprietors in those days to live above their establishments in their second-floor residences.

St. Joseph residential architecture features good examples of Italianate, Queen Anne, Romanesque Revival, Tudor Revival, Nineteenth Century Commercial, Renaissance Revival, and Carpenter-builder.  Of special note are two frame Civil War-era cottages, 215-217 10th Street and 238 St. Joseph Street, and a commercial building of early 1860's construction at 926 N. Alabama Street. Also of particular interest are the four sets of row houses, which are extremely rare in Indianapolis, and a plethora of 1920s era apartment flats (buildings).

The St. Joseph Historic Neighborhood has an active association with quarterly meetings to serve as an open forum for discussion and participation, whether a homeowner, an apartment dweller, or a commercial business in the area. Annual events include: neighborhood cleanup, National Night Out picnic in August and a holiday party in December.​

​Check out the St. Joseph Preservation Plan and Map