10th Street Reopens!

As you have probably seen, the construction signs and cones have been removed on 10th Street.  According to our contacts at DPW, we are expecting some periodic follow up work to address the consistency issues on the stretch of Alabama Street to Ogden Street and also some curb repairs.  Thanks to Garry Chilluffo who took the time to meet with DPW and the Contractors.  East of Ogden Street towards Central Ave shows a noticeable improvement in the quality and consistency of the brick work.

In order to address the consistency issues on the block stretch of Alabama Street and Ogden Street, the Contractors pulled up one section and completely relaid the brick.  This made the entire section look inconsistent, so in order to address the bricks that stick up they manually ground those bricks.  To the right, you can see the "shiny" bricks that have been worked on.  

Our Recent Projects:

  • 10th Street Repairs
  • 918 Ft. Wayne Avenue
  • Alabama Underpass Lighting Project
  • Street Parking
  • Neighborhood Signage
  • Bus Stop Garbage Cans

Coming Soon.